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Welcome to the Natural Flaire website! We are in our infancy stage and will continue to post new works of art, works in progress, and some shots of crafting our work. At some point, we may post a blog of some sort, to answer questions and open up lines of communication with other artists. (Please see the FAQ's page to read the most common questions asked.) We have always found it more enjoyable sharing thoughts and ideas with other artists.

My name is Christopher Chaffin and I live in Vernon, CT. My Wife and I started Natural Flaire about 2 years ago, but didn't do much with it. While unemployed for a year in 2010, I happened upon a neighbor, Jay Dimick, and fell in love with his artwork. Jay and I became friends and now encourage each other in the similar field of Fine Wood Art. Jay introduced me to tree burls, an unusual and rare growth that occurs on trees when under stress, disease, or insect attack. We have found these burls all over the area, while on walks, drives, or even harvested by local tree clearers.

When we start a new project, we do not drive to a lumber yard and buy wood, we go find it, or we have had some drying for some time and it's time to use it. We spend time pulling off bark. We may use a chainsaw to rough out a shape, or an angle grinder with carving attachments. Sometimes an idea will just manifest as the piece progresses. The real bear of every project is the hours of sanding! No one believes how much time we spend sanding. That's why some of these pieces are so expensive. There is a ton of time put into bringing out the beauty of the wood. Burl has no end grain, so those swirls, the color, just the uniqueness of the wood, is what we try to enhance in every piece of art we make.

I consider myself a Novice. I am struggling with the balance of working a full time job and finding time to put into my passion of this art. Jay, on the other hand, has been in custom cabinetry and wood working for over half of his life. I am always amazed to drive by his house, down the road, and see him outside sanding and working on a piece for months, full-time! I feel lucky to have found someone willing to share their secrets, so that I may put them to use creating my own works of art. That is why I am sharing this website with Jay. I hope that people all over may see his work and appreciate the effort and creativity that went into it, and I know he wants to share it with the world too!

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