Chris Chaffin Artist

Chris discovered a hidden talent (a Natural Flaire) for woodworking when inspired by neighbor and fellow artist, Jay Dimick. Chris learned the mystery of tree burls and the beautiful patterns the wood offers to an artist. Tree burls are large growths on trees that are rare and highly sought after by wood workers. His work includes wood sculptures, tables, novelties, end tables, coffee tables, mirrors, bowls, wine racks, and much more! Each piece starts with a hand chosen piece of wood and requires hours of meticulous attention to detail to bring out and offer the full beauty.

Chris enjoys sharing his stories about how each original piece of wood came into his hands and the inspirations behind the design and workmanship. Chris is never afraid to answer questions and loves to share the passion he feels for his craft. He gets excited when he finds a new burl and can’t wait to see their beauty revealed through shaping, sanding, and oiling. Chris’ work is the perfect balance between sculpture and furniture as art.  He makes small novelty items that may only cost $20, all the way up to large burl tables in the thousands!

The rarity of burled wood in the retail market allows Chris to show people items for the home that have so much more character to them. Most people comment that the wood is so smooth, they feel like they are touching glass. Chris uses very thin protective finishes so that the wood “feel” is not lost.

Chris has found his passion in woodworking and hopes his passion inspires others to find theirs!