The word I've been looking for

I was in Puerto Rico for a week in March hanging out with my parents. My step-mother hands me a local magazine that was highlighting a local wood artist. The caption read, "Functional wood art." That was all I needed. I skimmed the article, but really just needed that caption, thank you. People ask me what I do and I always reply that I am a wood artist. This just leads to random confusion and trying to explain what a burl is. However, I make functional wood art. Well, that helps make it sound p

Pandemic and the artist

Just when you take the leap to be a full-time artist a pandemic hits! Every show postponed, which means cancelled, until further notice. I have an anorexic bank account and projects that I would love to complete, but can't for that one reason. In the meantime, I have plenty of wood to work with. I am thankful for that. I just need to stay focused on making new art. I look forward to the next show because it should be mostly new material.